UFO Shadowed U.S. Aircraft Carrier for Days in 2004, Alleged Pentagon Report Says https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/2018/06/01/ufo-shadowed-u-s-aircraft-carrier-for-days-in-2004-alleged-pentagon-report-says/

Umm, yeah, somethings strange did happen on or about the year of 2004. It’s almost as if that was a turning point for more bold appearances from and by ‘them’.

Of course, I won’t believe until ‘they’ have the courage to freaking land, come outta their Tic Tac or pie pan, stand still for photo ops, shake hands with humanz for more photo ops, exchange gifts and well wishes, sign some sort of treaty in front of the bulk of degenerate humanz, and leave in their tin cans with a smile.

Freaking government!

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