Dear diary,

At 6:56 am this morning, I received an email from a ‘pal’. I just sent him an email that it is all good and thanked him in kind.

Honestly I am NOT always sure if what I’m doing is crazy, stupid, or selfish, being that I’m a human female with a big butte and ego.

My parents wiped my butte when I was a baby. In return, I wipe their buttes because they’re getting more dependent during their old age.

So while there appears to be concern for my family and most certainly moi, I don’t know what to do without them. We’re blessed and protected but don’t always know how or why.

They actually compensate me for care giving in the form of MONTHLY monetary ‘gifts’, which pays more than this potential gig, which pays slightly more than flipping burgers.

Unfortunately, since I’m childless and still single, my only real responsibilities are my family (parents and parakeets) and myself.

I have to go get ready for the day – make bed and breakfast, shower and get dressed, clean and feed the parakeets, and count my blessings.

Thank you, Father who art in heaven. Please give me your strength to behave (stop ranting) and to bear my cross well and with a smile. Others may depend on me as I love them in kind.


Fuh B.

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