Jewish Judge in Brock Turner Sexual Assault Case Facing Tuesday Recall Election Pushed by Feminists https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/2018/06/04/jewish-judge-in-brock-turner-sexual-assault-case-facing-tuesday-recall-election-pushed-by-feminists/

Hey! We’ve been getting fliers for this recall. I normally scan the advertisement and only read the headlines. I really should read the small details, finer prints to learn more but refuse.

At first glance, I wondered why this judge needs to be recalled. When I saw the headlines about the sex crime, my spider sense surfaced.

One thought was that feminists wanted him out. No seriously! I do NOT know anything about this stuff.

The other thought was about the defendant in Department 25 and how the presiding judge is totally fair and impartial.

I was thinking that guys do that stuff. When I read the victim had no remorse and was unconscious, how did she know?

See my brain wanna know. But because humanz tend to fib it’s difficult to say. Yeah so recalling a judge is a big deal.

They didn’t get voted into office or get vetted to make it that far. Judges are called Honors. They are Honored members of society.

Yeah so I’m voting to keep him on board. It’s too easy to punish human bags of mostly testosterone chemicals driving guys to do stupid stuff.

Likewise the other defendant in the Department 25 case did NOT appear to be someone who would do such a thing. The State of California against one guy? Wow. Come on. Wasting tax payers monies.

I didn’t pay taxes to ruin the lives of white males! I paid the great price to help me primarily and others along the way of course.

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