Dear diary,

Well, the Lawd Gawd has answered my prayers via my parents and one weird timing after the other. I sorta kinda knew something would happen and it did!

Anyway, Mom had another two-hour sleep study due to our complaint that she was turning blue in the lips; she felt like suffocating; and she was snoring and sleeping with her mouth opened.

But instead, I miscalculated! Although we were to show up at 10:30 am, we were late ten minutes! But the attendants took us into a room to wait until Al the Filipino guy finished setting up another patient.

By the time Mom got into bed (after one attendant placed the electrodes and face mask on her), the time was already 11:30 am! I had to play it by ear, and Al the Filipino didn’t kick us out. Rather, I told Dad we better go home and come back at 1:30 pm!

That was the time of my job interview up north. And so a few minutes ago, I hurriedly sent out the email to the recruiter, who did receive my email. I had to ‘guess’ with office branch she was located, because she didn’t include her direct phone number or email!

And to boot as per my other email, the guy didn’t call me back to get my SSN and birthdate to push for the background check and/or drug test. This was anomoly number one. The second anomoly was the scheduling conflict. The third anomoly was Mom’s request that I stay home to be the primary caregiver.

Sheesh! But Dad made a point that he’s there for me without making the statement about how I’m able to afford doing the stuff that I AM NOT supposed to do without first informing them; since everything belongs to them.

Thank you, God! Whether or not I got a job, you know how to take care of us. And in return (coupled with my human ego), I thought I’d like to take care of ‘them’, which I’ve done countless times with Your help, of course.


Fuh (which is ‘Duh’ but with the letter F for ‘F-yall’) B.

P.S. 20180604-1321. Actually please pray for the two elderly folks. Because without THEM, y’all wouldn’t get some ‘paws‘ from someone without a job!!! Get it?

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