Dear diary,

Regarding prophecy and deliverance. I cannot believe something that cannot be substantiated. Once again, evidence such as video and audio recordings may help the faithful believe in anything.

For example, the fashion designer we met earlier this year not only messed up Mom’s dress (and repaired it later) but she has the power of prophecy and deliverance.

First the prophecy. She correctly ‘predicted’ that we would NOT to come back, because she knew she messed up the dress. The front part made Mom’s tummy look pregnant. But she has Mom’s measurements and pattern ready if she wants another dress made.

Second her deliverance. She delivered all three of us. I do NOT know what this means. But I expect the change of bad attitude, especially in Dad. Mom is still the same. So whatever this mean, doesn’t take away the smell of evil.

As for her eyeballs, I could see a strange glow or shade of brownish or golden coloration hovering on or about her eyeballs. She shared a story in which she was BLIND and was healed mirculously by a prophet up north.

In my old blogs, I mentioned how I could see ‘airstreams’ coming off moving vehicles. (In one crystrallized forum, some members mentioned that they wished they could see airstreams.) And so yes, I could see ‘airstreams’ and her strange eyeball energy.

For the sake of imagery and for your reference, my experience would be comparable to those found on some old paintings (Renaissance period, I believe) in which there is some sort of softness glowing over the eyeballs of humanz.

This weblog has been delayed since our first encounter with this woman, who is of Vietnamese descent. Her prophet is Filipino, by the way. I am wary of those who prophecy and deliver, because individual results may vary!

I was trying to scan Dad’s Official Election Ballot Material when I had that nagging incoming thought. Usually, this means I must or at least outta relay this message to my dear readers, who are probably mostly CIA agents.

Anyway, as in my previous weblog post about prophets suddenly coming outta the woodworks, and as shown on my Recommended list of YouTube videos, I do NOT wish to offend but it’s all bull hockey puck.

Sorry, my point is: thoughts can change reality instantaneously. My incoming thoughts are interconnected spiritually. I do NOT alway know if I’m doing correctly or incorrectly. That is up to those reader to use their abilities to discern the Holy Spirit. For nothing is possible without persmission from God, of course.

With this nagging old thought outta the way, I hope y’all have a blessed rest of the evening and behave yourselves. Mom thinks that the LGBTQ is evil or as my favorite blogging ‘pal’ is a Satanic construct. I think eternity is such a long time as I feel God really gotta fix stuff.


Fuh Fuh Fuh (a la Trump style) B.

P.S. 20180605-1747. Regarding Israel, Americanized headquarters in Israel, my favorite blogger’s recent post about NOT keeping the covenant and killing off all prophets leaving only one – Enoch. Well, I feel that the Russians want control.

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