Watch “Mark Taylor Prophecy ( June 05, 2018 ) – God Says It’s Time To Release Something” on YouTube

20180605-1628. Recently my YouTube list of recommended videos include Mark Taylor and prophecy.

In one of the old blogs of my favorite ‘pal’ online (platonic, spiritual, financial, whatever), he mentioned that he doesn’t do prophecy. But in an email he mentioned that he had a dream months in advance.

My dreams include interacting with humanz and inside classroom settings, including a spaceship once and other outdoor locations.

Mom’s dreams include her deceased family members, missing items such as wallets and handbags, and getting lost. She dreams of people and heaven too.

After the removal of her first pacemaker, she was bleeding to death. She reported to Dad and me that she saw the face of Jesus of Nazareth hovering in the ceiling among clouds filled with angels for quite a few minutes. She saw people in spirit form looking onward at her. She thought they were solid visitors.

She has visions. I have visions, but now mostly incoming thoughts. My younger has dreams of being a spiritual warrior. He would fight back in the spiritual realm.

Yesterday over dinner, he said someone solid was peering over his shoulder and looking at his cellphone or him doing something. He said he grabbed it by the neck and brought it forward with a splat in front of him.

I’m sending him God’s Golden Armour. But he is sad because his Twit Wifey is too Chinese. She didn’t take is last name. So…

Yeah back to that ‘pale. He knows stuff. I know he knows stuff as he would post weblog pages to reflect my PREVIOUS incoming thoughts. He operates in the subtle realm. I don’t know why we just don’t hook up and be done with it.


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