Watch “Mark Taylor Message [06-06-2018] ✩ Why Did God Choose Me ✩ Mark Taylor Prophecy” on YouTube


Disclaimer: I am NOT a troll and I’m NOT trying to destroy your stuff which is none of my business. But when my nagging thoughts must be heard, I’ll blog.

So I haven’t watched the show and outta fairness I’ll opine on the video title: Why Did God Choose Me?

Huh? I’ve encountered other entities that receive direct communication from God and they don’t make noise in public.

What I would do is scribble your notes months ahead, seal it up, and the open it up at the designated time.

Collaborate with other ‘prophets’ and have them scribble their thoughts ahead of the designated time, seal it up, and then open it up.

Do this with as many ‘witnessed’ as possible. Then when y’all arrive at the SAME stuff, y’all can say: I told y’all so.

But do NOT use the Lawd Gawd in vain to make money. I know y’all need to survive. But that’s the sacrifice.

Y’all gotta do better than Alex Jones and claim that he or others said it first or had first hand evidence before the fact.

Once again, I’m not watching these types of shows anymore because it’s just runs my nerves. The woman’s voice sounds fake or annoying.

Amen. I made my piece. Evil Kitty agrees – do NOT follow anyone other than God, who has created and known each soul BEFORE all of this stuff.

Dwell upon this stuff. Good luck.

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