Behold! It’s almost 1355 pm, as Dad and I finished our thirty minute walk around the park, underneath the WARM sunshine. The sky is crispy and clear blue. We’re gonna pick up Mom from exercising at The Y, on the NuStep 4TR recumbent bicycling equipment.

Anyway, my eyeballs were directed to the odometer of Dad’s Mazda Protege and of course ‘they’ won’t stop giving me my daily bread of numerical values.

Usually, the car is parked when I would notice these double to triple digits. This time the car was stopped and I took the above image.

Do NOT doubt unto moi, Evil Kitty! Fuh!

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  1. I still get my near daily dose of the 144’s. And I screenshot nearly every one of them. Sometimes I can’t because it might be a real time thing changing, but I get most of them. And any live ones outside of the computers, like out in the world, etc… I don’t get to capture those unless I have a camera with me.


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