Dear diary,

First I’m bored. Second I’ve gotten over some edema in my lower extremities by taking diuretics about two weeks ago due to the symbolically sweltering hot weather Third we’ve learned that Malouse is dying. Why, Flynn? I thought you’ve behaved and stopped ranting about others! Nope! Duh!

Last Tuesday and while Mom and I were still asleep, Maldeath called and informed me that Malouse has some sort of cancerous lymphoma on her lower lung. And the size is approximately six centimeters. Maldeath was rattling her mouth off due to her insanity. Because I’m fed up with my paternal relatives, I told her off.

I told her that we do NOT count on relatives, Das Squirrel or his Twit Wifey; that my parents are the only ones who are my friends; and that in return I’m there for them, though I’m NOT a ‘trained’ nurse like Jerilyne. She agreed that caregivers must know what s/he is doing and if they have a heart, too. We called Malouse once or twice.

And for whatever reason she refused to speak with me but perked up when I mentioned that Dad her older brother wanted to talk to her. Those assholes only care for each other and their own bloodline. They know I’m gonna chew them out for mistreating my mother. That why the Chingster told her daughter Shill – do NOT hug them. Yup. I wonder why Shill is still playing as if nothing happened with these dicks.

The caregiver is supposed to assist with financial and medical needs and to upkeep the household. The helper has gotten assist with bodily stuff, which is another test. At around five o’clock this morning, Mom couldn’t poop due to old age of her innards, medications that dry her out, and probably forgetting the intake of fluids. So I DONNED my latex gloves and helped! Brouhaha!

Then we went back to sleep and awoke late and ate our late breakfast. I didn’t wanna attend the choir mass and (what’s that damn word they would use – ‘support’) the singing group. Why, Flynn? Are you an asshole? Yup. I do NOT wanna go near traitors, who hugged Respondent – inviting the forces of darkness and her evil in my presence.

And two weeks ago, I complained to Ate Ising prior to the start of mid-morning mass that the other singing group is probably ‘Protestant’. And I’m supposed to be Catholic, although I am NOT a confirmed Catholic, meaning Das Squirrel and I have NOT gone through Confirmation. So maybe I’m a Protestant. I dunno.

Oh, and yes, I’ve read about his old stuff from traitors to revelations and his One Ring. Funny, I’ve might have helped his ‘kinds’ from that ‘friend’ to others thereafter. I did mention to that ‘friend’ that I’d like someone. And of course, because he has been tested to be ‘spiritually gifted’ by ‘them’, he hooked me up with someone. Gee! I wonder who that could may well be.

But it’s NOT gonna happen because he’s got that MIGTOW problem ‘down below’. OMG! Can Flynn go on? She’s a troll on a roll. Yeah, so this main group, wait, there were probably FOUR freaking contacts with that similar ‘background’ – the first ‘contact’ who asked me the age of my grandmother, an unknown spook chatting online during my really good paying job on the 12th floor facing eastward, a third group of crystallized nugget eating fools, and this fourth one. Sheesh.

So I’m finished. I wanna be finished. I cannot afford to worry anymore. But it’s too late because the reptilian ‘finder’ of the first ‘contact’ didn’t want me to give ‘them’ anything. I realized (too late) that the ‘reptilianz’ tend to mean spirited and nasty and I can ‘see’ how badl they behave. But I was a noob then and I’m still wondering if ‘they’ answered my ‘call’ via advertisements which I placed online, especially that of Yahoo.

And for those agents who have been following my OLD blogs then and now – dreamers or poets – y’all know what I mean! I’ve left breadcrumbs and paid for WordPress upgrades with my real agent identify. Of course, I refuse to be forgotten or rendered into the ‘friends’ zone of no return, though my weblog stuff of mostly is quite embarrassing.

Oh, and another incoming thought from tonight was – if the manifestation of alternate realities and dimensions may have been a Satanic construct, once again, in response to my Yahoo advertisements and thoughtful prayers to ‘help’.

The main person that I wanted to help was Flynn. Duh! That was the last sentence and probably my final clue in the body of an email sent by a ‘pal’. Bah! Of course, I was trying to cover my bases then and now. But if y’all continue to take advantage of my generosity and do NOT pull up your boy’s pants and fulfill your side of the ‘game’, God help us all.



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