Dear diary,

Thanks to the OLD fashioned QWERTY keyboard to this smartphone, I’m able to blog. With the help of the pop up words, I can select the next best words without typing no more than two to three or four letters at a time. It’s smart!

Soon the NWO, err, humanz shall have smartphones that can read minds without typing or speaking. But that’s lazy and crazy for futuristic ideas.

Anyway, I’m NOT a mind reading. And that’s a blessing! Those that have that ‘spiritual gifts’ feel cursed because they hear everything.

And I’m NOT great with sensing if TPTB and pals are connecting to my small mind. But the general sensation would feel like ‘head pressures’ , NOT headaches as reported by the schizophrenic, but a true spiritual connection.

Yeah, so I’m hopeful with the NoKo meeting. Do NOT disappoint the nice prophets that NoKo and SoKo must be enemies forever. There’s always a middle ground somewhere for good relationship.

Good luck.


P.S. What do y’all want outta this meeting? More trade? More money? More payback? Fairness? Equity? Hey, I like their food, especially noodles and tear-jerking movies.

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