Dear diary,

I’m blogging from the office of sleep and neurology, where my Mom is still awaiting for the technologist to hook her up to electrodes. How are you able to blog Flynn? Why don’t you get off the damn computer!

No way! I have two Apple computer products. The iPad Pro 12.9 inches is playing. This device has its own cellular AND data plan, which I’ve connected for my MacBook Air! See? I’m smart! I cannot stop blogging!

Anyway, Mom is sleeping. I’m waiting until ten o’clock or eleven o’clock to administer her bedtime medications. Although she is NOT hooked up to the electrodes, at least she is resting. She’s exhausted and has been crying.

Why has Mom been crying? Because she’s hopeless without me. First, she cried in front of two visiting church ladies, accusing me of NOT doing my job as caregiver and that she won’t pay me monthly for assisting her.

She was upset that I didn’t pursue her anniversary album as a souvenir while she is still alive and for sharing with loved ones (if any left, huh) and friends, who saw how mean spirited she can be in front of anyone. She cried crocodile tears – dried as a rock. Sheesh.

I complained to Das Squirrel via a text message about the burdens of hearing unkind stuff at the home front. So if he, his Twit Wifey, and all my ungrateful relatives do NOT understand the sensitivities of elderly folks who are heavily medicated for their medical conditions, then that’s too bad.

It’s 2130 pm and Mom awoke. There are so many things to do – prepare stuff or miss stuff that I should have taken for this overnight sleep study, which would be done without the presence of moi.

Mom thought that I would be in the same room where the video camera and audio is turned on. 2236 pm and so I’m here, lying down on a cot, close to the floor and at the foot of Mom’s bed!

I’m now in the darkness and blogging as I have a somewhat uncomfortable sleeping arrangement! WTF! I should have the luxury of sleeping nice. Alas, my fate isn’t so lucky as I have to stay quiet.

When mom needs to use the toilet I have my smartphone flashlight handy. Thank goodness the air conditioner is cooling my lungs as I tend to overheat.

Goodnight for now.


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