The Babylonian Talmud is based on the mystical religious practices of the Babylonians which were assimilated by the Judahite Rabbis during their Babylonian captivity around 600 B.C. The Rabbis then used these occult traditions in place of the word of God,” wrote Edward Hendrie in Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great. https://ourspiritualworld.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-babylonian-talmud-is-based-on.html

On or about 0200 am, I receiving my incoming thought to DJT: ‘You are free to smite them!’ Before that information, the word ‘freedom’ appeared in my small mind, which then said in a voice that: America can be free of them, the Feds or FEDERALS or something like that to be free of money changers.

I read HALFWAY into the long-form weblog post and decided to skip towards the end and to read upward to the point about America being privately owed and under duress by a few men.

I was thinking about how the French authorities would make it difficult for foreigners to transact, and as such Trudeau came to mind. But the smaller thoughts weren’t as strong.

I can’t sleep on this cot and I can’t breathe well through my congested deviated left nasal septum! Good morning!

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