Watch “Alex Jones Discovers Mark Taylor’s Trump Prophecies” on YouTube


Tut! Tut! You damn humanz, especially you Alex Jones and your Infowars supplements! Are y’all following nein weblog? And have your pals from the CIA stuck this YouTube video into my account’s Recommended list? Ho! HO! I say, touche!

I’ll believe the Mark Taylor Trump prophecies if y’all can (((try))) to stop the 5G weaponized cellphone towers and those vaccination!

Yesterday I was happy to have arrived ten minutes late to the noontime mass and trotted along the back and up the left aisles as the freakishly tall and gaunt whitish priest who used to ‘workout’ in Ohio, his hometown, was sermonizing. He closed his talk with something about him knowing when you’re happy.

Then my usual small mind turned to ranting about how we received vaccines prior to traveling to the Philippines for vacation. I believe I was in the forth or fifth grade. And after we got back I noticed my eyesight blurred and deteriorated. I wore eyeglasses since that time! Bastards!

Anyway, recently I complained about feeling wobbly and passing out and of having edema in both lower extremities two weeks ago! Now if y’all believe Trump is an anointed one, y’all need to turn off the kiln! You’re frying me/us to a slow death!

So I’ll play the next half hour of the PAUSED video after I go pee-pee.

20180613-0038. FB

20180613-0045. P.S. Can y’all tell me why they hate you Alex Jones? The technologist said they hate you. Mom said it’s because you’re telling the truth. I say it’s because you need to make money with information. Huh.

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