Suicide or total public exposure-they were given a choice http://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/06/suicide-or-total-public-exposure-they.html

Welp, that’s too much information overload for one long form reading.

So I recall a chatting session many slong years ago. Seemed harmless. Wanted to met people.

One chatter replied that he takes pizza. I didn’t think nothing outta the ordinary, except that he should have said he eats pizza. You know like – I love eating pancit! NOT take.

Huh? Am I reading too much into it or over analyzing stuff?

On or about 2311 pm tonight, my thought hoping the young lad isn’t one of ‘them’. See? I Say! My daily bread in the form of double and triple digit numerical values.

The frequency is coalescing more frequently. Hey! It’s a rhyme which is mine and copyrighted.

But honestly, God is truly offended. I’m feeling numb (desensitized?) As these ‘narratives’ are totally unreal.

And yes I’ve read about how a blogger was almost disappeared with a heart wave attack gun thingy.

Fuh Fuh Fuh B!

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  1. I couldn’t get through all of it either. All those grotesque graphic pictures, and also the Silent Scream video, I couldn’t bear to watch either. I know we must all be aware of such things, but seriously, there is no way that I can ever “un-see” all that shit. It’s bad enough that people are so stupid to poison their babies with vaccines, and then the babies are dying. I can’t take much more of this. No wonder I’m so damn sad all the time.

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