Watch “BREAKING NOW: FBI Press Conference Responds to Comey Criminal Allegations in Watchdog IG Report” on YouTube

20180614-1636. Regarding Satan, Lucifer, the forces of light bearers, darkness, and pals as per today’s nagging incoming thoughts.

If y’all think this ‘evil” group is tough and demanding, how much more offended can the Lawd Gawd have been since the beginning of time and before we have been created?

Choose well younglings! Y’all have a VERY slong path to travel. Bon voyage on your narratives. You reptilianz are messing up with your ‘bad actors’!

When I projected my thoughts about a YouTube video in which SAI zookeepers and pals were offering a bottle of water to quench the thirst of a cobra snake who was overheating in the tropical climate, I saw that the freakishly tall and gaunt whitish priest flick out his reptilian tongue a few times!

Do NOT doubt unto moi! Make way, chumps! Make way…

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