Yes, look into her sociopathic eyeballs – insane! She has committed badness and tainted my valley of silicon businesses that are mostly compliant of the lawz.

During my parent’s fiftieth wedding anniversary, we had quite a number of guests. Some were NOT invited! And I didn’t recognize them! But they posed for photos, danced with us, and sat at the wrong tables, like Yoli a choir member, who has not the bug eyes but staring unblinking eyes.

But one guest had these bug eyes literally popping outta their eye sockets! The proof was in the photos for memorial. Eek! The tanned swanky Filipino wore a turquoise slim gown with spaghetti straps. Creepy smile too.

Yeah for the MIGTOW, watch out for the bug eyeballs with creepy smiles of female humanz, such as Respondent living directly adjacent to us.

I read about that woman a few days via a reference to ZeroHedge.com article via https://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/06/sociopath-theranos-ceo-elizabeth-holmes.html

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