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  1. 20180616-1944.

    Evil Kitty: How dare you, Flynn! You are NOT allowed to have smitten on your filthy paws, you kitten! (A rhyme which is mine.)

    Flynn: Forgive me, Master Paws! I will turn my gaze away and pray with paws.

    (Snickeringi in the background…)


    • 20180616-1948. OMG! I’m so smart! I’m blogging via the Safari browser because the WordPress app for MacOS mysteriously disappeared! And for whatever frucking reason, there was NO ‘Post Comment’ button for the previous comment a few minutes ago; but in this comment I can see the ‘Post Comment’ button. WTF! (20180616-2056: I had to use ‘Command and Return’, and that posted my comment. Sheesh!)

      Anyway, I had a ‘deja vu’ after posting the comment as I replayed the posted image of the handsome guy posing in front of what appeared to be a nice house in my small mind. When I said, ‘Got it’, I connected spiritually to the said photo and/or location and ensured that indeed y’all cleared the portal, whatever. Nice job!


    • 20180616-2057. Flynn has been rude and forgot her manners, failed to say, Please. But no pretty whatever on it! Brouhaha! Never mind. Dad and I are still stuck in the hospital room with Mom, who is fast asleep and Mom was upset last night that we snuck out without saying goodbye and goodnight to her.


  2. 20180616-2002. Hmm. Speaking of ‘lighter’: When Mom was triggered at a nursing home, (and I don’t recall if I shared my impressions on this – my personal blog), on a following day, the place felt lighter and cleaner, too. Hmm. I guess there is lots of clearing to do.


  3. At first, I missed the one with him in it. I saw the pic, but didn’t enlarge it to see him. But I read all the post. Seeing your post, I want back and this time enlarged the pic and yes, he still is as handsome as ever. 🙂

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