Dear diary,

Please forgive me for sharing my bathroom sessions. I do NOT know any good bathroom jokes, except my own human stuff.

Anyway, I finished brushing my teeth and well I noticed the toilet had some stuff not yet flushed. This would be the second time that I did NOT flush my stuff. The first time would be probably two days ago and was left inside the private toilet bathroom adjacent to Mom’s hospital room.

I also recall the old guy blogging about his toilet problems. My incoming thought indicated that he may be really suffering from lapses of memory, being foggy brained myself and of course due to old age, stress from the network, and other thoughts going on inside his and my brain cells.

Yeah, I noticed that I’d be rushing to do multiple tasks. And after a struggling with Dad INSIDE the commissary store of our local airfield base, I realized that I gotta slow down! But I can NOT because I noticed that if I slowed down just a notch or two, I’m holding up ‘time’.

Dad wanted one box of a powered laundry detergent. I got the two smaller ones in error, thinking I could replace the old boxes with these one. But Dad insisted that only ONE larger box would suffice for replenishing the old boxes which we still good.

The Filipino woman (who is probably the lead supervisor) with kinky black hair and an unshaven mustache noticed our struggle and she told me to let Dad do whatever he wanted because elderly folks tend to be irritated. She made a point that I too would be in his shoes as I get on with age.

In my lifetime, I may have lost maybe a handful of items but most of the time I misplaced these items and forgot the whereabouts. So with the “blinking off” of lightbulbs and with the “foggy brain”, it’s no wonder we feel like the network got us too.

Oh, and that brings me to what the old guy said in his blog – that the network knows about their targets since birth. Yup. No wonder I’m feeling weird and no wonder I’ve encountered these weirdos and no wonder my life seems weird.




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