Dear diary,

After complaining online about my aches and pains, I had experienced two system jolts! I would receive these system jolts when I’m in bed, while praying, meditating, or thinking about ‘them’. I’ve reported these system jolts in my OLD blogs. These system jolts seem to have returned unto moi.

Once again, do NOT doubt unto moi! Evil Kitty will NOT be pleased if y’all laughing out loud. I will laugh out loud because Respondent living directly adjacent to us has placed an ovoid green mirror and a reddish angel-shaped object inside the tall rose bush. Someone told us that the only way that she will stop is when she is dead. That is the truth. So be it.

Anyway, at around 02:42 am in the wee hours of the morning, and as I was drifting off into sleep, and while I was on my left side, and after having watched YouTube videos in a vain attempt to fall asleep, I had my first system jolt. I was awakened and figured, yup, it was ‘them’ again – answering my prayerful call for healing.

Then my foggy brain started to drift off to sleep again. At around 02:44 am in the wee hours of the morning, I had my second system jolt! This time I heard my voice, which sounded female. Then again, the sound may have been from a child. I barely heard the voice say, ‘Hey!’ I was thinking it was ‘him’, the youngest one.

Then again, my graying matter might have been too stressed out from Mom being in the hospital, the old guy having his whatever ‘down below’ sliced and diced (OMG! That’s a gross imagery!), the youngest lad being wherever the heck is going on and wondering WTF is his birth mother (Huh?! Well, where was she?!), and everything else happening.

I am actually lucky to be alive and to be able to report the ‘phenom’, which I’m sure there would be ‘natural’ hexplanations to spiritual experiences. But for whatever reason, I do NOT alway acknowledge such blessings. That would make me an ungrateful brat and a vain sinner.

I can’t recall what Das Squirrel said over the phone late yesterday afternoon. I think he said that it is a sin to gossip. I disagree. Gossip is when there is NO truth and the ill-will to spread untruth, such as Respondent living directly adjacent to us. Usually crazy humanz are gossipers. And they would have suffered some trauma in the past to get that far into gossiping with others.

I will tell y’all that my blog have disclosed much truth and those weblog posts are NOT gossips, which are really the sharing of unfortunate circumstances in, what is that word, life. That’s it: gossips and gossiping are all about ‘life’. I disagree. Gossipping is done outta spite.

And I will continue to expose these liberal, progressive idiots who are themselves ungrateful fools and who use their friend’s experiences with massage therapists and other medical professionals to justify their bitterness, hatred and anger against Mom and her medical decisions.

So yeah Das Squirrel may be the real trigger of her sicknesses as she was sent to the emergency from his presence several times in the past, and sometimes after they both fought tooth and nail about stuff. And the poor mother is surrounded further by a couple of numbskulls who are her husband and daughter to boot. She still has sentiments against the husband’s crazy family. I know.

Further, he mentioned that he avoids those who drain his energy and he had to excuse himself yesterday and return to those co-workers a few minutes later. He mentioned that  Mom might have absorbed the bad energy from others, namely the Twit Wifey, who stroked her forehead with the back of her hand and immediately washed her hands and angrily ripped the paper towel to dry her hands. That’s a crazy piece of shit. And that’s NOT gossip. He really should divorce her because he got frustrated and called her idiot aloud in Mom’s hospital room!

Um, I’ve nothing else to lose and could only accept retribution for blogging, which is really my testimony without video or audio evidence. Besides the miraculous healing of my aches and pains, I should offer my thanksgiving unto ‘them’ or whoever: I know. I know. It’s none of my business as my ego thinks proffering in the only way to be a better soul – by helping all of them.

But I must meditate because I do NOT operate on codes or clues. I’m too stupid and gullible and I will just do whatever within my understanding to shut y’all up! I really do NOT like y’all to complain. That frustrates me. I do NOT like urgent matters as that was the evil temptation that triggered my sentiment of feeling cheated.

All I know is that it’s too easy to be fooled by the village jester! OMG: I think that everything of this Hellish Planet is a HUGE prank! And my YouTube video list of Recommendations are currently PRANKS!

The chatters online from JB of Florida have played a cruel prank on me. (I still have the text files saved of the chatting sessions, by the way, as my ‘insurance’.) I sensed that from the get go.

But I played along because I had a job to do. And now, y’all expect me to play along with your tag teams via Likes and Comments in this WordPress blog. It’s nothing personal but I’m tired of games. I’m done. I’m finished. I’m NOT interested.

Be gone. Good day, good afternoon, and good night. Have a good rest of your sorry lives.



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