Dear diary,

What’s next on MY watch? What will be presented unto my plate? Will my cup runneth dry or overflow with more tears? I’m more confused than EVER! Nein!

Anyway, I’ve decided to ‘go dark’ temporarily. My personal blog has taken on some heat. And so I had to delete the comments to my most previous weblog post. I’m sure Matt Meister and his Happiness Engineers might read the stuff, but it’s supposed to be private.

I guess this is what happens when dummies like me gets too nosy and mind the business of others. That would most certainly break the hearts of my parents, as if I did NOT already do more damage than necessary.

I’m sustaining a throbbing headache. I guess that’s from holding my breath in throwing up my arms in the air, wondering what did I do or what did I get myself into? Or better yet, why can’t I surround myself with normal humanz?

Ah, yes! That’s the mystery of life and living while stuck on this hellish planet. I do hope the twosome who are allowed access to this personal weblog site are okay, because I am NOT! I’m just a kid with too much time to spare and not a penny leftover, too!

I better pray and meditate. It’s all I could do now. Hey! And stop it with the mind melds! I can sense the ‘head pressures’. So please back off a bit. I’m feeling a thirst which must be quenched.


Fuh Bee

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