Dear diary,

I have sinned. I am so dense (I think that was a word that Das Squirrel used upon moi and the handsome older guy used to describe himself in one blog). I fail to fully comprehend and do NOT always understand or know how to ‘read between the lines’.

I’ll have to review the three triplicate comments (especially the last paragraph). Per his request, I removed the dataset. I know that I’ve offended him many times over and to him I apologize for eternity. I’ll have to repent for each offense but do NOT always know how to do so properly.

He knows stuff from beginning to end as I’m an open book that he can always read. That’s how I’ve come to know that ‘spiritually gifted’ guy. Sheets! I know stuff over the course of many along years; but for whatever reason, I continue to smile from my ashes and dusts; and I do NOT always absorb or entertain such musings and I do try to avoid ASSUMING stuff online – so I don’t get hurt feelings.

With that said, I forgot what was the main topic for this particular weblog. Besides this personal weblog “going dark” temporarily, I may publicize again. But that’s not until WordPress.com burps up my Saved settings of ‘approving comments manually.’ For some strange coincidence, I was still awake when he commented on my previous posts. And his comments were meant for her and moi and those comments were deleted.

But those comments were automatically approved! And for a couple of minutes, the dataset was publicized! I do NOT know the impact of this dataset upon the Satanic network. I would expect the Satanic network to behave as I’m keeping my eyeballs on y’all! Honestly, I’ve read and heard what ‘the network’ can and will do to humanz, who try to seek the truth and expose their bad behaviors. I think ‘they’ operate like the mob, much like church folks and other territorial humanz; but they do ritualistic stuff with demons.

I believe I might have complained online in my OLD but maybe in the recent blogs, that these feminists and witches should NOT hold demons hostage against their will; because they operate in a different realm and are intelligent creatures who can come back with a vengenance.

I’m also wondering why they do NOT realize that “Jesus Christ” already gave up his life for this entire earth and assumed his rightful place upon this dimensional plane over Lucifer, Satan, or whatever descriptive label and naming devices employed. Once again, I’m parroting stuff online and do NOT always research and understand stuff all that well.  Please forgive me: It’s NONE of my business as curiosity got Evil Kitty interested.

So for the past few days, I’ve been experiencing leg cramps and this is due to sitting in front of the computer until three o’clock in the morning! My sleeping pattern has been disrupted further due to my anxieties and worries about Mom being sick in the hospital, the short circuiting of Dad and Das Squirrel; and most especially the plight of the handsome older guy and his family.

I’d like to adopt the older guy as we Filipinos are known to be good care givers. But I guess that only a fantasy and meant to be stuck in another reality/dimension. Brouhaha! Why do y’all think I’ve been doing my stuff after all these many slong years? Ego? Yes! Craziness and stupidity? Yes! Spiritual assignment? I do NOT know. All I know is that I’m getting old and fat.

Oh, oh! I remember now! It’s 09:57 am. I cannot recall but I had to take a nap and play catch up with my sleeping pattern. I slept four hours and woke up. I believe that was last week during Mom’s first day being admitted to the hospital. I noticed that I do NOT remember what happened when I woke up that Friday afternoon.

Usually, I do NOT wiggle around in bed; toss and turn. When I awoke, I saw that my sheets were off my body. That does NOT happen. I saw that my CPAP nasal pillow mask was ABOVE my head. I saw that my two baby pillows (one for each ear as comfort and to muffle other night noises; and Made by Mom) were ABOVE my head.

I wonder if I am a sleepwalker! I do NOT take sleeping pills or pain killers because I don’t wanna ruin my liver, or is that kidneys? (Oh and by the way, I hope y’all are able to manage your pain during post-surgery. Please do take it easy! And be well!)

So while these medications are supposed to help; in reverse it’s creating side effects. The medical professionals would rather the patients take these meds because they believe the benefits outweigh the RISKS! See? This is one example of reversing stuff.

Once again, I cannot communicate my observation; other than that these things have the ‘equal and opposite’ effect – much like a man and a woman. Never mind. My mind doth wander away from the topic. I must remain focus, which has been the complaint of Mom who expects me to listen well and speak only on the topic and only when spoken to. She is VERY wise.

Oh, and lots of humanz love her, too! One time Mom and Dad went to Valerio to buy food. Upon emerging from that Filipino bakery, a complete stranger PAUSED; looked at Mom; and hugged Mom; because Mom reminded her of her Mom! Mom had a scarf tied around the pink curlers, which I placed in her hair as part of my assignment, err, care giving.

Other times, as mentioned in my OLD blog, humanz PAUSED, smiled, and asked Mom: You look like my co-worker. A couple of times, Mom was asked if he was a doctor from the Philippines. I am beginning entertain my stray thoughts and wonder if Mom has more than one clone.

Alex Jones of Inforwars said that ‘they’ are experimenting on ‘chimeras’ and I believe that Mom, heck, most humanz have clones. I wonder if that is what the Bible meant: Man was created in God’s image! OMG! Do y’all think we’re all clones with souls and consciousness?

Okay, I think that’s it for this blog. I may press the Publish button and then maybe decide for release from private mode into the one of two modes- one being a request not to index and the other one allowing search engines to index my stuff. I do NOT get it! If my stuff is personal, then the stuff shouldn’t be indexed and buried somewhere, which is why I would prefer to remain anonymous.

Unfortunately the handsome blogging guy revealed my first name in a comment; and that’s a start to trigger ‘them’ – the Satanic network. Oh, and another thing: although I logged in 6:09 hours of CPAP therapy for yesterday Monday, I am NOT having a good night’s rest. Surprisingly, though the almighty Starbucks Cafe Misto (regular coffee and steamed milk) has sustained me for my waking hours. So I’m good.

It’s 10:12 am and Dad is now watering his plants. Earlier he came indoors, donned in his gardening outfit – white t-shirt; blue pants; brown shoes; wide-brimmed straw hat – and reported to me that he scrubbed the cement bird bath. He has appeased Evil Kitty because she loves watching her birds come and drink water and take baths. Though he does NOT know how to give care to his elderly wife; he is blessed with other aspects in life – as are most humanz who fail to count their blessings.

Anyway, I think I’m almost done. Nope! Not yet! The parakeets are screaming and I need to scrap off their poop from the tray with an old spackling tool and refill their food and water dishes. I had taken a much need shower and my shorten hair is still wet.

I’ve shorn my hair the day after my parent’s 50th anniversary because my hair was falling out in clumps. Also my nails are softened and not that brittle. But Das Squirrel gave me a bottle of Biotin 5,000mcg tablets from Natrol. I hope that helps so that I may grow my BLACK hair long again. At fifty; it’s no fun being single. Yup. I told y’all! I’m old!


Fuh Bee

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