Delete Your Social Media Accounts Right Now http://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/06/delete-your-social-media-accounts-right.html

Well, would the WordPress platform be considered a ‘social media’ deserving the axe?

If so, does that mean I’m gonna have to delete my precious account of Flynn’s Paws and that Evil Kitty shall be null and void?

What about my Facebook account, which I do NOT actively use, and only very seldom to reply to one other relative?

I was thinking of signing up with Twitter again and again.

And I have a YouTube Premium membership account for the sake of my Mommy Dearest and her need for background noise while sewing, etc.

I guess this would be the end! No!

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  1. blogs aren’t social media per se. They are like the editorial pages of old,, but with better research and facts to support whatever given topic is presented, including art.
    Social media is a different animal. An ugly chimera of reality that breeds narcissism, polarization, and jingoistic non-critical thinking band wagon intelligence.


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