Watch “What They’re NOT Telling You About the Migrant Crisis” on YouTube


Got TB (tuberculosis)? Yes, the word is exploiting humanz, giving them false light, err, dreams of Europe and America.

In my OLD blogs, I mentioned something about the children crossing the Southern California border wall.

I’ve subscribed to the YouTube channel by PJW, the very handsome lad who made numerous appearances on AJ’s Infowars channel.

I guess our future isn’t so hopeless after all when young (investigative) journalists report the facts as they see it.

Anyway, compared to their reportable caliber, I guess my weblog is mostly uneducated opinions and won’t count as true ‘editorials’ since I’ve provided little to no research-based datasets.

My weblog is, shall I guess and find the closest word(s), mostly weird. Again, I gauge what I had blogged against the media, FoxNews, YouTube.

And lo and behold, the narratives. Never mind my tummy is hurting from overeating foodstuff late in the night. Oww!

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