Dear diary,

Das Squirrel has shared a little bit of the test results for his DNA Ancestry kit. After six to eight weeks, he found out that he is mostly SEA and without a drop of whitish bloodline.

He said that 66% comes from the Philippines; another 33% comes from the Pacific Islands; and the remaining 3% comes from South Asian Indians, probably Pakistan. Brouhaha!

He said that the test results indicate that he is mostly from the SE region. He pointed out that since he has freckles, is light-skinned, and doesn’t tan; he might have general Saigon, Vietnam blood! OMG!

I’ll have to wait for my test results which might be somewhere in the middle of July next month after the typical six to eight weeks of DNA extractions.

I do NOT care because I’m mixed up. Not so much in the head as far as being VERY suspicious of everyone but because I cannot hang out with the dark-skin or the pale-skin because I do NOT speak either of their native tongues to ‘play along’ with them.

So he said we should get the OTHER kit for DNA specifically for Asians. I order two via smile.amazon.com. I get to pick those two packages at my very first visit to an Amazon ‘locker’ located up north. He said it might be safer than home delivery.

Tomorrow I get to pick up the stuff and test my spit or whatever. Once again, if y’all had a chance to read my blog, I do NOT believe such technology exists to ACCURATELY pin-point one’s ancestry because I do NOT look like either of my grandparents.

I’d really like to know what sub-sets of Asian humanz my bloodline closely matches or at least represents; so I could figure out why I don’t feel like eating steamed WHITE rice all the time.


South-Eastern Asian humanized female with brownish freckles against pale skin…

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