Dear diary,

This morning I feel “disenfranchised, disadvantaged and most especially (per Dad) vulnerable”. I had a dental appointment this morning at 09:00 am at the local health clinic off Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA. But they cancelled it without first letting me know verbally and without rescheduling me.

They lied about calling me and/or leaving me a voicemail message back in December 2017. I never received such call because my smartphone and/or data plan service provider would have ALL the incoming Caller ID information logged into the history. Idiots.

I was pissed off and got loud. I got their pamphlet and started calling a few numbers. Two already said that they are NOT accepting new patients. It appears that my MRN belongs to another health group and that if I want service in another group, I would have to sign up as a new Medi-Cal beneficiary!

I thought that having one frucking MRN (medical record number) would be a one-shot deal and transferable among the various facilities, thereby this would save time and cut out the paper works! I had to sign up with a different dental provider because the other one no longer works there is now located near downtown San Jose, CA which is still ‘too far’ for me.

Are your frucking idiots NOT in line with my futuristic vision for ensuring timely and accurate processing of EXISTING recipients of shoddy-ass service? That’s why I requested the Electronic Medical Record system across the board at all health centers and among the various states and governmental levels. Why the fruck is that too difficult for y’all?

So what had happen is that after trying to call around for places per the .pdf file SantaClara_FQHC (Santa Clara County Federally Qualified Health Centers, Rural Health Centers, And Tribal Health Centers) which I found on the ca.gov website, I ended up stuck with the same shoddy service that lies about calling me. WTF!

I hung up on two calls because they held me hostage for a waiting time of five to ten minutes. Two minutes is my maximum wait time! Two health centers took my call and said that they do NOT accept new patients! WTF!

The reason why I tried to find a new dental service location is because this local health clinic keeps messing up the scheduling. And I do NOT have to tell y’all which sort of reddish humanz with tattoos all over their bodies are behind the desks. I swear you fruckers are messing me up! I used to have a good paying job and health insurance, which processes the patients without waiting!

With this Medi-Cal dental service as with all free stuff, we would have to WAIT in between service, meaning they do NOT combine X-rays with teeth cleaning and any dental work, such as fillings or root canals. We would have to be scheduled out months in advance!

And so with these fools I was able to get next Thursday at eleven o’clock. Now if this stupid appointment is messed up. I’ll blog about them and then go through the complaint system. Free stuff is so stupid!

So at 10:30 am this morning, I received a call from SANTACLARA CNTY of 408-299-5002. See? ‘They’ know something was wrong! If y’all wanna use me discretely as some sort of ‘auditor’, then I’m in! And my weblog is one ‘research’ that y’all will NEVER read about via mainstream ad nauseam news media, err, entertainment show.

Seriously, I sincerely believe that any ‘media’ is mostly ‘entertainment’. The ‘real’ newsworthy events are the personal experiences by one witness and/or in collaboration with two or more eye witnesses. So that’s why I cannot ‘go dark’ with my personal weblog: There is WAY too much crap that needs to be shared online.

I swear! I’m pissed off! But luckily I’ve ingested a Venti-sized White Chocolate Mocha drink by Starbucks from the volunteer group inside this hospital. I wanna be a happy camper and this is one of the closest thing on earth to appease Evil Kitty.


Fuh Bee

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  1. 20180621-1358. Welp, I was triggered and brought down my Thor’s hammer, called the misdialed incoming phone call, got transferred to a voicemail and left my message, following up with my emails explaining the handling of dental appointment cancelation, which I misspelled with two letter ‘L’!

    Yeah, I was being professional and hopefully a ‘director’ can fix it. My bad, but in a good way, I hope! Sigh.


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