Oh Happy Day, we are both home safe… http://dailymessenger.blogBrouhahaspot.com/2018/06/oh-happy-day-we-are-both-home-safe.html

1. Yay! Today is a happy day, but I’m cramping. (Brouhaha! Life. Sigh.) Mom has been complaining of painful tummy, gradually over the past few years. I wonder if she has empathetic hernias because the CT-Scan doesn’t show anything.

2. Those were two old photos – the sleeping angel and his handsome daddy. (That’s because I have read his blogging stuff since way back whenever).

3. Mom is still stuck in this hospital. While Mom was growing up, she would throw up her food. The family grew up well fed from the farming and fishing town. Her Mom loved going out to restaurants and forced the kids to eat her favorite noodles.

Fast forward, Mom refuses to eat well, mainly because she’s been sick. She can eat soft food, such as yogurt (for probiotic while receiving IV antibiotics), custards and tapioca, and her favorite oatmeal with white milk. (Sorry that’s what she calls it.)

One day, she thought that God was hinting to her not to eat too much animal products. A physician suggested she eat protein but she doesn’t understand protein can be taken without ingesting meat. So she would tell the staff, I don’t (like to) eat meat.

So yeah such similar timings.

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