Dear diary,

My human eyeballs have seen a transgender RN and a bisexual CNA working in Mom’s room! OMG! Are y’all gonna kill me now, please! Anyway, I could only smile and as the teaching goes, “I love y’all!”

I dunno what y’all think but this is exciting stuff as I ‘practice’ my scanning. I sensed no ill-will emanating from these rainbow-loving creatures. However, I did sense one entity didn’t appreciate my presence.

As Dad and I walked quickly down the corridor and towards the cafe, I noticed from a distance two ‘females’ were sitting at the table of informational papers for their creatures.

One creature seemed to have a smile and then upon my approach, not even halfway down the corridor, it was looking directly at me. It’s smile turned upside down, though I was grinning, faking a smile.

I told y’all! ‘They’ do NOT like my presence! I’m too mean and nasty. Or ‘they’ know I disapprove of their lifestyle choices. ‘They’ are messing up what is supposed to be strictly male gender and female gender and NOTHING in between, assuming nothing was modified! Brouhaha!

Yeah, back to the transgender dude. He was soft spoken and seemed to have handled the table medications with a rather feminine sensitivity. But Mom said he didn’t know how to wear the lipstick properly. He had NO full lips! He had nice fingernail polish, a small pony tail of THINNING hair, some facial makeup, and maybe push-up bras. I dunno but y’all had to see it.

Prior to his off-duty time of 15:30 pm, I tried to send this particular creature a positive energy that everything is okay and waved to him with a certain smile of sincerity that if he’s happy, then I’m happy. I sensed that a normal nurse was with him as he bade goodbye and she probably tried to gauge my reaction. Again, I gotta be careful because Mom could have mistreatment.

Anyway, as for the bisexual dude. He’s cute. He speaks BETTER English than me, is Chinese, and is tall, too. But he had a difficult time understand our requests via the stupid Call Nurse wired control thingy. He was really friendly, sweet, and seemed to have shown Mom tenderness and understanding.

But he was a freak. I had to remind Mom that he was still a freak and to stop gushing over him as if he was a really good son that she never had. The guy said good things that REALLY appealed to my ear holesĀ and my Mommy Dearest. But unfortunately, these creatures are fruit wads.

OMG! Do y’all understand the crap I have to deal with? It’s fun messing with my elderly parents but disgusting to fake my frown smile and pissed off energy at the same time.

Oh, and I believe those crystallized loving forum members thought that I was a male chatting online with them until the wife of DG told them off and apologized to me with a free gift. Brouhaha!

Once again, Mom keeps complaining to me – to act like a woman. How? I like being competitive and my touch is rough and tough. I get loud and pissed off. But I still am all woman. I don’t get it!

I’m assuming her husband is also talented like the blogging guy and I’m guessing the other forum members are in the same boat. Man! Y’all make me sick! I wonder if I can stick some old hocky pucks in the trash can to help bless our overloaded landfills. Hmm.

As for the women staff, these creatures are more difficult to scan because they are still feminine and though as they try, they can only become obvious in their mannish demeanor and rugged clothing. I think that one CNA was one tough cookie but VERY sensitive to Mom. Damn, I gotta learn to be kinder, then.

Holy crap! I’m creeping out blogging about this stuff. But I must rant or I’ll get sick holding in my laughter. Brouhaha! One creature was freaking thick and I dare NOT look at her because I’ll be giving her that “don’t mess with me” frown look. I seem to do that a lot to strangers. Huh.

While I love the rainbow colors (remembering my Crayola crayons in the following order from left to right as red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, and black), I can NOT believe these creatures would take something so beautiful and make it their colors. WTF?

I guess this hellish planet was designed for such creatures, but only for a while longer. I wonder if there is a reversal serum to help these crazy creatures revert back to their original gender identity.

While I’d like to believe mainstream science and their bell-shaped curve of extremities, y’all can’t fool us! Your testosterone will dictate your natural flight and fight response.

And the other day I was telling Dad that these dudes, when really infuriated, their innate aggression will come out no matter how much hormone therapy they receive. Boog!

I’m done for now as I try to go to sleep LATE again. There are nine more days in this month’s celebration. I don’t know how much more I can take. Well, that’s nothing as my real challenge is to keep cool while watching Mom and Dad short-circuit! Bahahaha!


Fuh Bee (the unprofessional care giving newbie…)


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