Okay, the staff members at this particular hospital are doing jobs rather well but they tend to interrupt the SLEEPING patients too frequently. And thusly Mom is awaken; and when she is awaken I can NOT blog; and when I can NOT blog I get pissed!


Now, while chewing Mom’s leftover Turkey sandwich on wheat bread, I read the news article quickly.

In summary, if the parents are illegal and although the kids were born on American soil, both the illegal parents AND the children born to these illegal parents get to be deported.

What’s the point of erecting a HUGE wall if your policies allow illegal humanz on a tourist VISA to give birth on American soil?  Y’all have the right to remove these children, period.

Just do it. Why would y’all have Americanized citizens with dishonest bloodlines from Asian parents, who come over the soil of America on a travel or visitor VISA, just to give birth to these children?

But I’m sorry but I’m picking up the incoming thoughts (which are old nagging thoughts as entered into my OLD blogs) that y’all can and will probably ‘absorb’ (or CONSUME) these free-loading children into the ‘network’, not unless y’all don’t like the taste of greasy, oily, Asian noodles.

Anyway, that was really weird. If y’all really wanna fix the system, cut off the free-loading benefits! Y’all are messing it up for everyone by baby-sitting bloodlines that are willing and able to be dishonest by leaving their children in the care of the State.

Am I making myself clear? Send them all back so they can eat their own sinful ways – birthing for citizenship! Idiots! Stop this nonsense now! You’re bankrupting the system by fooling investors into thinking everything is profitable! It’s not because you’re all operating on corruption. Is profiting on corruption a criminal offense? Dwell on that one!

My apologies for being harsh. But y’all allowing infiltrators into your hard-work and backyards. It’s 1151 am and I’m getting another incoming thought (mixed in with my humanized opinions, of course), that the problems seem to have orginiated from and by these CRUEL whitish humanz.

Take no offense. Because for example, those missionaries messed up the lives of natives. Before that infiltrations, these set of humanz seemed to be okay until their history seemed to be filled with lots of practices that include cruelty to animalz and the sacrifices of  humanz, too.

Then again, the transition into a whitish cultural set is probably according to the will of God. And so I shouldn’t wonder or complain too much and count the blessings, such as bridges to nowhere, a strong infrastructure to include modern advanced in science and technology, and other stuff that America sets a an unprecedented role model to the rest of the world.

Oh, heck! Y’all are so full of yourselves! I already experienced stuff that are NOT mainstream. I liked other ideas from other leaders. And for whatever reasons, your stunted and corrupted souls allow criminals to exist. So whatever. Go away and fix your problems. Or could the problems be because YOU are the problem?



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