Okay, why am I spending my Saturday in Mom’s hospital room and reading these Google News of crap? I thought Jesus Christ took over this Hellish Planet, and the former domain of Satan, Lucifer, whoever! Why are these sinners still in existence? Have y’all NOT cleaned up your dirty, filthy homes? Isn’t there a serum to inject these humanz to keep them under control? (That was yet another creepy incoming thought as I guess the vaccinators really want to pursue their depopulation agenda.)

Then again, if what one Mason (from a sovereign citizen movement that I’ve encountered in PERSON) claimed that overpopulation of humanz is similar to a humanized fishes living in a CLOSED system, such as this Hellish Planet of a fishbowl, and if there is a chance of mass die-off due to pollution and such, then I guess that’s why this old nagging thought is being shared into my personal blog here.

These sinners are either demonically possesses, mentally ill, or both. Whatever the case, y’all need to stop them by defrocking them, jailing them, and injecting them with serum to MAKE them behave in America or wherever.

Oh, and I noticed that the sign boars at the recent Trump rallies are now reading as: PROMISES KEPT, which used to be PROMISES MADE. Yay! So if y’all wanna MAGA, y’all have to refuse the passports of these KNOWN sickos and psychos alike. Do NOT allow them entry into America or travel about freely.



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