Dear diary,

About two hours ago or so, one of the cardiologist, who is tall and freaking handsome (at least for a South Asian Indian, I guess), suggested that Mom may probably need her SECOND ‘permanent’ pacemaker removed. There were probably discussions to have her mitral valve removed. But it sounds like they may decide to infuse her with two to three months of IV antibiotics.

The poor dear is nauseous and her high blood pressure reading is all over the place. This high blood pressure reading may be triggered to her being, err, the ‘Pain In The Neck’ (an overt expression of karma due to her projected irritability from pain and frustration of arrows towards Dad and me, I’m assuming, of course).

I think she is feeling nauseous because of all these medications, especially pain management, to help keep her comfortable. So when her pain comes back, either her pain or her heart or pacer has been triggering the high blood pressure.

They have administer a 2.5mg medicine, that Dad uses as a trial to determine if her blood pressure is better under control. I could NOT find the correct word but my incoming thought in the presence of her RN was that of ‘maximized tolerance’. I forgot that word or wording where one drug or drugs looses its effectiveness.

With that said, I wonder if America is loosing its effectiveness to treat the symptoms of demonic and illegal infiltrations. Once again, I’ve witnessed (without audio and video evidence) with others the healing by hand. Real stuff. Since then I was inspired to find how those humanz heal without medicines, much like Chinese herbs, African practices, and other Satanic nonsense.

I believe EVERYONE can heal. But with the noise from the airwaves, humanz fail to listen to God – the connection is VERY real and unfortunately sometimes the messages get lost while having fun, doing chores, and whatnot.

I hope these ‘trials’ of Mom will help others and so it is – pure luck.





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