The begging bowl

While still stuck in Mom’s hospital room and after taking photos and videos of her using the Airlife (TM) manual incentive spirometer’ for her COPD, though she and my family were NEVER smoker. Maybe she got sick from second hand smoke while in the closed-door of her meetings at work many along years ago.

Anyway, when Evil Kitty held up one paw, she didn’t realize that would include ALL four paws. WTF? (It’s 13:56 pm, and I’m learning more about Polydactyl cat, which says that ‘normal’ cats have eighteen toes.

I thought holding up one paw meant one paw and NOT all four paws! WTF? And so I held up two paws and didn’t realize a cat can stand on one paw with three paws off the ground.

I was going for four paws but then that would mean a HOVER-CAT and that’s impossible on this hellish planet due to gravitational laws, according to the experts in mainstream science.

But which set of paws can Evil Kitty hold up? Usually, it’s the front, whereby two paws are HELD up in prayer. But a cat can LIFT up the hind paws to urinate or poop like a dog. Than again, I have NOT witnessed in real life how cats go to the bathroom.

So the online encyclopedia article said that each of the front paws has five toes and each of the hind paws has four toes . If I were Evil Kitty, I’d scratch the furnitures really good until the owners get a new set of furnitures to scratch up!

Okay, do you remember that ‘friend’? In one pop, I held up one front paw to two front paws per his verbal requests via my current smartphone number! He would do that to me several times. But a unionized compliance stopped the western nonsense. Thank goodness.

And now this ‘pal’ –  This, this, this damn unfortunate stuff that I mentioned in my previous blogs about certain groups stalking, err, haunting, err, FOLLOWING me, which is the reversal (the mirrors) because I was following them, outta curiosity which has NOT yet killed this Evil Kitty – is something I would prefer to smoothed out ASAP.

I think I’m finished ranting. It’s NOT fair for us all because I’m stuck here being a caregiver to my Mommy Dearest and being held hostage from working a good paying job since 2007.



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  1. Cats squat to pee and poop, both male and female cats. Female dogs squat to pee and poop, and male dogs are the ones who hikes up that back leg to pee. Have never seen female dogs hike the leg.

    We’ve had a poly-dactyl cat before. A miniature orange male cat whom we named Garfield. We’ve had all kinds of cats. We had two Manx, the kinds without any tails period. And all kinds of colored up cats, Siamese and color pointed cats, black, white, black and white, calico, etc… I LOVE blue eyed cats, and blue eyed husky dogs too. Growing up, we mostly had German Shepherds, which was my father’s favorite breed. But we had other breeds, including mutts.

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    • I used to deathly allergic to cats. But when Randy brought in Tink as a rescue, shazzam! My cat allergies completely disappered. And then Mikey came as a rescue on Nathan’s Bday, shazzam again, no allergies.

      Our cats, be inside, outside, kitties as they please, never do their business in front of us. I haven’t seen them in years, do anything. They prefer privacy.

      Owner of my house is cutting down our trees that are blocking my two NETWORK neighbors and their cameras from snorgling our privacy. I prayed that the trees would OVER GROW with foilage and in a single season, whammo, so much so that both sides of the place, the always hovering neighbors vanished behind a sea of green.

      Now, this week, the foliage goes away. And they get to hover and nudge, whenever we are outside in the backyard again.

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  2. 20180623-1524. Dear Lawd Gawd, Please bless Messiah Mews and all friends of cats and animalz alike. Please accept our gift of appreciation and protect us all with lots of loving paws, and bless us all for a rapid recovery from all sickness, afflictions, whatever. In the might name of Jesus Christ, I hold up my paws in sincere prayers; for our humble servants are NOT worthy of your kindness. Amen! Hiss! Sincerely, FLYNN B.

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  3. Now, I must have my kitty buggles. And Matthew just brought mikey to me so he could snuggle with me.

    Something cool…as my wounds became so bad, they needed surgery and all that – last 2 months – both cats spent all their nap time hovering around me being buggable. They usually go off to some place quiet and alone. They knew. And they became my hang about pals.
    They are quite the blessing.

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