For Flynnpaws and Donna http://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/06/for-flynnpaws-and-donna.html

My paws are held up in prayer for two cats, Tink and Mikey. May their paws and be blessed with many more years of patrol and protection of their loving humanz. Be well, cat friendz!

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  1. As he was posting that, I was working on my own buggle kitteh post here…
    And then I also did a repost here:
    I have declared today as The Official Kitteh Bugglefest Day in honor of Tink, Mikey, Breezy, and even for Miracle who resides over The Rainbow Bridge.
    Now I’m in the mood to go make more kitteh art. Maybe one with ALL the kittehs. 😀

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