Dear diary,

I’m still stuck here inside Mom’s hospital room, which is as if I never did leave home because all I seem to be capable of doing is sitting in front of my computer and blog while taking care of my elderly folks, three parakeets, some plants, and the usual household chose. I guess I must have resigned my fate, destiny or assented in some way. Never mind! Hiss.

So anyway, instead of staying at home, I get to interact with paid professionals and act and speak somewhat ‘normally’ in front of these humanz. I also get to volunteer my time to help relieve the staff from doing their jobs so they can help other patients who do NOT have family members to help. Sigh.

If I had agreed without knowing better than most smart humanz, I must be too clueless. I could have said, No! But I was told to leave everything up to God because sometimes stuff happens when least expected. Mom cited that when she was growing up in and around the river among fishers and farmers, she never imagined good stuff to happen.

You know what is difficult: to say No! No way! Heck no way. Not a chance! Huh. Whatever.

It’s 20:03 pm and I’m almost finished with my portobello soup. And yes, I’ve gained back all my weight! I’m feeling imperfect yet wholesome and thick, which would explain why I would like to know the other DNA test results to pin point my general traits as to my thickness. Brouhaha!



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