Dear diary,

Being a derp in Biblical verses and such, I searched online for “seek and you shall find”. And per Google, the first ‘hit’ was from Matthew 7:7.

Last night or whenever, I was listening to the Mark Taylor prophecy. And in one program he closed out by saying a prayer which goes something like this: [“Heavenly Father, please let me know what you want from me and how I can be there for you.”] And he goes on that we ask too much about stuff and expect stuff in return.

So I guess I already “knew” the answer ‘yesterday’. And per that free encyclopedia online, one opinion suggested that God already knew us and what we wanted. So I guess we’re all good on that one. But I’m still trying to establish how much ‘free will’ we have when it comes to prayers and whatnot.

So in this exercise, err, personal weblog post, I’m NOT gonna ask or dwell too much on this topic because it’s too scary! What I do ‘know’ is that a thought is all too powerful! Oh, yeah! And can y’all please stop trespassing upon moi?

I had finished peeing in Mom’s private hospital toilet, went in front of the sink and mirror, closed my eyes to meditate upon that email, and saw the twirly gigs connected to my hidden eyeball.

While still in the HUGE bathroom, I was pleading a silent scream with my arms flapping and my hands flaying to please do NOT access my deepest darkest secrets, you trespassers! How can I forgive y’all if y’all continue to trespass against/upon us/moi?

That’s why I have COOL down my blogging rants because the energy can be disruptive to certain spiritual visitors. It’s NOT fair to them. It’s NOT nice unto moi. I should ‘know better’ than a bite of peanut butter cups. I guess it’s fair game.

Hey! And another thingy! OMG! I was about to ask! But all is well, if y’all are well. Oh, well. I’m swell! Seek, find. Hmm. I’m still NOT sure on this one. But y’all already know! OMG! I was about to type again!

Sincerely and Jesus Christ please have mercy,

FLYNN B-good

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  1. 20180625-1130.
    Evil Kitty: Shut up, Flynn! You’re such an idiot. What Flynn meant to say is: She wants Sun/Son! Duh.


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