The Daily Messenger: Demon over FBI agent’s head, lesbian Sally Moyers

I downloaded the stuff and do NOT doubt that bad stuff can happen. I know. I could sense the energy coming off these freaks in person but NOT so much via photo images or video samples.

Anyway, en route this morning to pickup my daily dose of Starbucks Triple stuff and as I parked freaking crooked into the greenish 20-minute parking one minute away, I saw two of these sort of freaks parked two slots to my left.

They drove in a reddish small electric vehicle. I noticed that one freaking tub of lard extracting her wide derriere from the passenger side of the car. Her hair is wet and greasy looking like the Fuh Bee Eye agent’s stringy nasty hair! She then stuff her fatness back into the reddish coffin.

After I retrieved my drink of what is supposed to be mostly FREE water and FREE air, I went back into my crookedly parked vehicle and then the reddish vehicle was reversing at the same time. So I had to guess and waited to see from my driver side mirror what kind of driver was behind the wheel. Yup. Another greasy, stringy haired freak in a thickened apple-shaped fuhmales!

Anyway, am I correct to assume that these freaky fuhmales would normally wear cartilage piercings in the ears and elsewhere on their abominable bodies and are full of hate and controlled by bad stuff? Because I saw that this infectious disease doctor had ear piercings in her cartilage and has that wide-eyed vegan look of sincere helpfulness towards my Mommy Dearest.

It’s 14:26 pm, and the staff seem to like the Richard Clayderman piano music playing on my iPad Pro 12.9″ electronic device with both cellular and data plan. I’m one of those ungrateful spoiled kids without much responsibility.

Actually, I have to waste money, err, ‘put out’ because my Mommy Dearest has been a frequent flyer at her preferred hospital. And to kill time, err, enjoy music together, I decided this was the best device – because of it HUGE and VERY clear screen and FOUR and VERY clear speakers.

Robert, the Mexicano who is a CNA is VERY good to my mommy and he said that the songs remind him of ‘Novellas’. I know. And the Chinese woman also loved the songs and said that she can sing Chinese words to the piano tunes.

And so Mom can taste the food and her strength is better and maybe to the 2.5 tablet, now given daily. That may be an additional prescription medication, which is freaking HUGE. I swear! I do NOT how they manage her high blood pressure. Amazing.


Flynn B.

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