John McAfee Vows Revenge On “Enemies” Who “Tried To Poison Me”

Oh, no! I am NOT understanding how hateful entities can be so soulless enough to want truth-seeking humanz NOT alive.

I think I just answered my own question: I would like to seek the truth and it’s through his only Son, who only knows God, who created and knows us all! Yay! (It’s now 15:43 pm.)

Y’all can have all the money in the world but friends can scam y’all! Again, this is my mother’s message to her son, who is busy listening to audio via his ear plugs. It’s 15:45 pm.

But you know God is good: remember my father and my mqother – no read, no write, and yet they are intellectual.

It’s 16:13 pm after processing Mother.

“I’m just more infamous. Among the covens and satanic network.”

Yup. I remember those nice books were good as door stops. And I would ask forgiveness with that blackish kitty cat against the silvery label and that bottom message, which I thought was meant to play ‘nice’ and which probably meant something else.


Flynn B.

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