Addendum thoughts to Restaurant Owner Who Booted Sanders Says Pedophile Employees Too Triggered By WH Press Secretary

Remember there are more normal, than abnormal…It’s why you see freaks everywhere, mainly at the cash register or around customers,

Except in Black neighborhoods. That’s the one place these cowards won’t pull this shit, because they know they’d be killed on day one.

Transgender is not gay. a mental illness.

Why would you want a bunch of Hershey highway faggots making your dinner?

1. Yeah so when I was clueless in college over thirty years ago, I was checking out my foodstuff from an almost empty cafeteria. The cash register clerk was a female. After I paid, she gave me my loose change by grabbing hold my one of my palm upward (gently) and then releasing my coins (gently) by brushing her finger nails along my palm in one stroke. I rubbed my palm on my pants and walked away. That event did NOT calculate as I did NOT know what that meant. seriously. Yup.

2. Yeah so the blackish folks got it correct.

3. Yeah so the transgender guy at this hospital seemed okay but I sensed something amiss about him.

4. Yeah so one day Mom left a voicemail message with one of the church lady, a full Chinese who was born and raised as a Filipino, speaking our language. The next day she visited Mom. The third day she shared a container full of spaghetti noodles and another container full of meatballs and sauce. Her whitish husband made the dish FROM SCRATCH. That means he is talented. He also has COPD and is on oxygen the whole time! I asked my elderly parents: Do y’all wanna eat something that a sick guy made? (Yup. I can get protective but only after a while of being clueless.)

FLYNN B-bad!

3 thoughts on “20180624-1826-Stuff

  1. nowadays, what the cash register person did is called sexual harassment, but only if a male does it. If woman, she’s expressing herself. How it is. If she is one of the freak crowd, than any reporting of SH, is considered homophobic.
    I miss the 70s


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