20180624-2347. OMG! My ‘guessed’ are getting better because at the BEGINNING of the YouTube video, I thought about his possibly missing Mini-Me doll that he would hug after a successful game run. On or about the ten minute mark, I heard Dashie said he needed another one!

Wow! That’s totally interconnected.

Anyway, I think his new equipment emphasizes his deeper tan. Hmm.

However, he still has to improve his potty mouth! But his commentaries and background images are hilarious.

I believe John Jr mentioned this guy’s YouTube channel. So I got hooked at watching his gaming and his outtakes showing him venting his frustrations at loosing and such.

Oh, oh! Yeah and so I’m trying those smartphone interactive gaming app, which I purchased via Google Play. The game is similar to Myst and Riven only easier.

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