KGO-TV: San Jose police officers want independent auditor removed

KGO-TV: San Jose police officers want independent auditor removed.

20180626-2113. Ah! My favorite non-emergency public servants have taken my call for one freaking hour to process. Maybe y’all can add that to auditing of customer processing time.

As for excessive force, anyone knows that there are bounds for unbridled nerves due to PTSD on both sides. The purpose for the auditors is to ensure each participant isn’t unduly affected by PTSD and therefore shouldn’t serve the public.

As for external independent auditor(s) if y’all find out any connections with witchy covens and satanic networks, then y’all may wish to boot them out.

I guess we all outta be sensitive to each other but do NOT tolerate (zero tolerance) for law breakers.

So yesterday morning I reloaded my Starbucks card and picked up my drink of FREE water (ice) and FREE air (whipped cream). I saw five humanz near the Shell gasoline station.

I saw three VERY tall whitish handsome coppers and two brownish humanz with no hair, whitish tank top (you know like spaghetti strapped tops for women, only wider for men), and baggy pants.

I might have said aloud through my opened driver side window: “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (you fools).” Sheesh. Dumb.

My neighborHOOD is fine but it’s a borderline location of natives many generations back due to ancestral bones and whatnot underneath. Yup.

So in my OLD blog, I suggested that Asians that have infiltrated, err, are living near me, may offer incense, food, and water not only to their demonic, err, reddish, err, fat, err, protective idols but also to those buried deep below. Yup.

Yeah, so I’d keep the independent auditors to ensure these unionized thugs don’t step outta line.

Unfortunately the citizens can be outta control. And though the coppers do NOT wish to use their batons, they have no choice. It’s for OUR public health and safety.

I sensed that they are just playing unto moi. Whatever happens, that’s gonna come outta your pockets as tax monies of course. We’re all swimming in this pool together figuring out who’s correct and who’s incorrect, of course.

Whatever is the best course of action will be improved with proper follow ups and inputs and other recommendations.

And no fudging or cheating the reports! If y’all can prove you’ve done nothing wrong, good luck.

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