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20180626-0206. While pooping, I noticed the triple digit numerical value of 666 of my date and time stamps!

And so this former firefighter has used the word ‘assignment’. Hey, hey, hey! Mine! Are God’s thoughts copyrighted? Huh? Fair (educational) game? I’ve been using that word in this personal weblog. (Thanks for reading, if y’all are. Brouhaha!) Hmm.

Like I told a spook, err, a chatter online: I had a job to do. I neither knew nor understood why that one sentence felt ‘proper’ at that time. I’ve archived these chatting messages as .txt files. But I do NOT care now. Hmm.

While chatting with these spooks, err, agents online many slong years ago, I FELT and HEARD the bothersome buzzing of the flies inside my head. I also had a severe tummy ache – a warning sign which I failed to heed. I neither understood nor knew why that was happening unto moi!

So while I’ve communicated with that ‘friend’ via my same and current smartphone number, participated in a CLOSED forum full of crystallized nugget crap heads, I had the opportunity meet others as co-workers, who were also agents. I was drunk but remembered everything. One co-worker told me she didn’t believe anyone would lie about not remembering anything while drunk. See? Co-incidence. Uh-huh.

Then again I do NOT know or understand to what degree or if they belong to any witchy coven or satanic network. All I know is that I was curious, took a VERY HIGH RISK, and learned the hard way. Then I reported my findings via this personal weblog. Yay, moi!

At around 01:55 am a few minutes ago, I’ve finished a Google Play smartphone app called: The Room: Old Sins. Once again, these alternate realities/dimensions are coalescing very rapidly as I was LISTENING to this particular YouTube video while playing this particular gaming app!

Do NOT doubt unto moi! What has been happening eerily on this hellish planet is some sort of Matrix or a rat hole as mentioned in the script of this gaming app.

I’ll have to repeat into your stubborn grayish matters that an instantaneous thought can be transmitted to alter our perception and scripted narratives, as I’ve observed with Obama, Hillary, Trump, and y’all!

So what shall I do with my Golden Ball? Your inputs via your current method of communication – news articles, talkshows, satellites, movie films – might be encountered one way or another and might be linked here for whatever damn reason as I’ll insert my rants.

Mom was fuming at me that I talk too much to the professionals. Oops. Sorry. I guess I do NOT know when to stop or understand why NOT stop.

It’s 02:40 am as I’ve been sleeping late. Good morning. Heavenly Father, thank you for allow me to rant.

FLYNN B-sleepy


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