Doing Vegas at Fremont Street http://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/06/doing-vegas-at-fremont-street.html

Random thoughts below, nothing more to add.

Well, I typed in the word Fremont Street evil and saw that there were too many humanz dressed up weirdly. Earlier about an hour or so ago, I read yet another fine story by a fine author, known by ‘them’.

First I could NOT find the symbol and second I didn’t like all those false lightings. I didn’t feel anything through the photos but blasted the place in one fell stroke.

Anyway, I never did understand why humanz would find such places as amusement and entertainment. All that walking on tourist spot of mostly cement and looking at structures and humanz. Nothing.

Oh, oh! My old thoughts repeated something like: lots of dirt for structures and humanz. Repeat for different locations – different dirt, different structures, and different faces. Boils down to what’s in one’s heart and God. Yup.

We never did go to Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve been to Reno twice but only for short stays with my parents. We don’t gamble for money but we did play slot machines and recouped the loses. I wasn’t excited about night time activities anyway or the lodging scenes.

So now I’m resting after unpacking and assembling my 25” deep mobile file. I was sweating – seems like the place is being cooked. And I turned on the AC settings to 74 degrees F. I would normally vent the interior upon my arrival late at night from the hospital by opening up the street facing window.

The inexpensive office unit has a long lid that gets stuck and still gets stuck after applying sewing oil, getting one drop on an old paper folder from the PI.

The metal pieces are thin but are light and strong enough to move old papers around my work area. Eventually I plan on scanning and discarding.

Then I moved back Mom’s makeshift sewing table desk back against a wall for Dad’s stack of rice bags. He had used masking tape to secure a spare paper bag against the corners from accidental swiping around the corner.

With my razor sharp box cutter, I cut the sizes down to narrow lengths. Styrofoam and plastics are stacked up with those cardboard pieces near the back door for the recycling bin in the morning.

It’s 0221. Still trying to figure out if I really need to clean up more and just relax and blog some more.

Probably would be a doozy with a tag team. Imaging their faces – directed stares and ruined fun.

Wondering about the tummy aches. Hospital food. Hmm. Thinking out loud.

Thy will be done on earth and heaven… Amen!

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