Dear diary,

After filing a complaint, I received two emails with two separate file numbers. But on 20180628-0320, I received an email that someone pulled up my identity. Of course, they asked for my SSN and CDL. So that means either I’m being protected or not. What’s the point of getting a court order if it’s no good? Wasted our time and money!

Oh, and when I picked up my Starbucks drink a few days ago. I saw a tall whitish guy wearing pink and blue eye makeup! I had to ask him for a green straw, grabbed my coffee, and then left the scene. He had long reddish hair and he pulled half his hair backwards in a pony tail. He deliberately pressed the button on a machine with that girlish poo-poo fingertip thing.

Then later I was talking with Dad regarding Respondent’s episode that morning. And while I was still inside my car with the engine running, I saw a whitish spook sitting in her car to my left. She had her ear plugs on and wore dark shades. She drove a whitish car.

I talked loudly over the phone to Dad and said something to the effect that illegals and mentally ills are messing up everyone. I can’t remember what I worded exactly. But I wanted that spook to hear what I had to say. She reversed and then exited ‘southbound’ towards the small exit behind me.

And so yesterday morning, I saw the same rail thin guy with thin hips and thin arm bones coming from the back and helping the Filipino guy prepare the online orders. I ordered mine within a couple of minutes of buying garlic peanuts and three spring rolls (wrapped in wobbly rice and filled with veggies). Before that food run, I bought two boiled peanuts and one square rice wrapped in banana leaves.

And so I hurried to my dental appoint and I visited Mom late and left earlier. She’s really INTENTIONALLY trying to get me off my ass as I tried to relax. She is coo-coo and refuses to stop bugging me. But the PCP probably hasn’t renewed her Valium, the only stuff that knocks her out enough for two hours; so I could frucking sit on my fat ass. WTF?


Flynn B-possed

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