Dear diary,


I’ve snuck into Mom’s hospital room as she is taking a nap. Thank goodness I get to blog before she wakes up. But within a few minutes, either the staff or her spirit will be aroused. This happens when I’m dining in public. Within say five minutes, most of the ‘humanz’ would get up and leave. I think I was praying too much.

At 1245 pm the intercom system turned on! See? Without fail, she awoke to the sound of the female voice saying this is only a test. Fruck. It’s 1259 pm and I’m back sitting down on my fat ass after processing Mom back into bed. Fruck! This happens all the time. Go fruck off, please. All of y’all.

Why are humanz so dependent on others? Why can’t they just roam around and just be free? Are they not at peace with oneself? I don’t like it when they bug each other on crap. Too much emotional parasitism, learned helplessness, and outright blood sucking ticks. Humanz as mere insects – I’m sure in the Bible somewhere. Welp, that’s it for rant imagery.


Prior to coming to the hospital, I awoke around seven o’clock and got outta bed at the half hour. At eight o’clock Dad comes downstairs. I insisted that we both use two separate vacuum cleaners to suck up the loose dust, which was little this time.

Last night, I discovered that the our freeze refrigerator (two vertical doors) was NOT cold enough! For the past month, I heard the death rattle and because Mom is holding us hostage with her sickness, I didn’t have the care to use the LOUD air compressor to dust the compressor in the back of the fridge.

So I busied myself to transfer all fridge item into our HUGE garage freezer. (See? That’s why my ass if fat because of good eating.) I temporarily placed the fridge items inside colorful plastic containers from the Dollar Tree Stores for ease of transfer and eventual storage of Mom’s hospital food stash, which she refuses to eat. What a waste if Dad and I don’t eat it. So we did vacuumed the little compressor dust.


Next Dad complained that our Recycling bin (gray body with blue cover) was NOT picked up while the other residence along our Drive was taken. So I emailed our hauler (per our city’s website) and later Dad saw the door knob notice that we are to remove ‘foam’ from the recycling bin and place in the garbage bin (dark green). Fruck!

I also emailed for an optional yard trimming cart but the hauler company emailed me back to contact a different hauler, which is the city! Fruck! Why are we going back and forth on this crap? Why can’t there be a centralized dispatcher for ALL stuff? A hub networking stuff like the medical PCP for health-related and medical stuff?


Next crap of the morning, what accidentally using our new check deposit endorsement stamp on a check from the same account. Too much excitement. Used white out and signed the back of the check for deposit into my other account. Showed Dad the other checks that were endorsed with our Xstamper, which I loved using at my once paying good job many slong years ago. Excellent clarity. Goes right through the thin paper personal checks.


Next crap of the morning was splashing some water on my cellphone after using a pitcher the size of a milk carton for washing my stuff with soap and warm water. Actually, HOT water is good for hemorrhage, by the way, per a spook with whom I’ve chatted online many slong years ago, when he shape shifted into a light brown ‘gray’ alien after a few minutes under its ‘mind meld’. Do NOT doubt unto moi! Yup.

So I used the air compressor again on semi-full blast and dried out remnants of water in and around the cellphones QWERTY keyboard and behind the locked cellphone battery. I was running late to visit Mom, who DICTATED, err, requested I get her bathing stuff so I could touch her, err, give her a good hose down, again! WTF?

6. http://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/06/full-moon-june-2018.html

After my recent blog about my feeling hot indoors as if being cooked and turning on the AC to cool the house, I noticed that the VERY strong and Arctic winds blowing! That happened to be for a couple days in a row. Yesterday was mile. And today is HOT! When it’s hot, I better reinstate my regular blog feeds and follow my favorite blogger(s) to ensure they’re ‘okay’ (as if it’s any of my damn business, which it’s NOT, mind y’all!)

I also noticed that the full moon was VERY bright and VERY round. I love the Moon and Star! The night time skies seemed darker and clearer for some strange and wondrous reasons, I do NOT know or understand, other than that is what the moonlight is supposed to look like to Mom when she her now deceased immediate family used to enjoy during their growing years.

7. https://ourspiritualworld.blogspot.com/2018/06/face-in-clouds.html

Faces in the clouds. Yes. Conscious? With souls like human souls or animalz too? I love these stories, err, photos, too. Inspirational. Awesome God and creation. So many blessings.

8. It’s 1340 pm and Mom is sleep napping after sitting up this morning.

Regarding Mom’s tummy ache, her blood whatever test results came back and they found something. So at 1500 today, she will undergo an US (or ultrasound as abbreviated here at the hospital, like SNF (for skilled nursing facility), SOB (for shortness of breath), etc.) I wonder if she has a hernia too because she has been complaining of tummy aches and she has been having loss of appetite and upchucking foodstuff, too.

Her mother had tummy ache problems, which was diagnosed as probably ulcer from intaking large amounts of aspirin, the destroyer of stomach lining thing, I think. So maybe the tummy ache problems of Mom are inherited from her Mom and/or probably congenital. (I was typing congenial because I didn’t know how to spell the damn word!)

9. It’s 1343 pm and I had an incoming thought.

I may be dyslexic! But that is undiagnosed. When I wrote out a check to cover Dad’s dental bill, I transposed the numbers into the check register! I’m awaiting to see how the dental office deposited the check and I’ll check the bank for a copy. This is NOT the first time I’ve switched numbers and letters. But this is the first time for writing checks with wrong numbers! I hope I’m wrong!


I noticed recently that I’m walking away from stuff and forgetting where I left off. For example, I would think of an item to fetch or an activity to process. As soon as I walk a few steps into the general direction of the location, I would forget. I would then pause, think back or retrace my step and then walk into another room, only to remember what I wanted or needed to do!

In another example, one morning, I saw that my CPAP mask was lying on the bedside table! Usually, I would leave that one the whole night. But when I get up to pee-pee, I would unhook the connector tubing from the standard tubing and leave my CPAP mask on my face. I look like an elephant with the plastic stuff on my face.

And so per the downloadable data I only clocked in 2:52 hours with 1.3 AHI on 6/26/2018, and missed the regulated four hours minimum per day or at least seventy percent usage in a 7-day or weekly period of time. Freckles. (Maybe I’ll use the word freckles or fudge or something unique instead of fruck to emphasize my displeasure of this hellish experiences.)

11. It’s 13:51 pm and I’m still blogging to my heart’s content! And no one cares! Yay!

I’m listening to a Filipino guy (Raffy Latta) playing his guitar of mostly easy listening or traditional Kundiman Filipino music. I’ve turned up the volume loudly for the staff of the hospital to hear and appreciate. If it’s too loud for staff working with mom in her hospital room, that’s too bad! They will have to talk loud and love it! Yeah so if y’all can practice some nice tunes, that would be nice. Brouhaha!

12. It’s 14:02 pm and I’m almost finished. I forgot my next blogging topic because Mom won’t shut up! She keeps bugging me even though she’s on her left side with her back towards me! WTF?


FLYNN B-constantly disturbed.

1 thought on “20180629-1243-Stuff

  1. 20180629-1432. I forgot again but then i remembered what I forgot! I couldn’t stay ‘dark’ or leave my personal weblog in ‘private’ mode. I must be heard until I can longer participate in blogging. Yup. Amen.


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