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“each of us is right for OUR OWN LIVES, at our own levels.”

First, count your blessings, Don.

Second, we deserve each other as assigned and/or as needed (PRN).

(It’s a medical terminology that I learned while volunteering at this hospital, err, assisting Mom with her freaking ON-DEMAND needs.)

I forgot to mention that VJ the blackish dental assistant with graying hair shared her insights, reflecting the above quote.

I followed up my saying something along the line of ‘handling burdens’ (on the shoulders, much like the crucifixion of Jesus Christ) that’s neither too great nor too small and/or that the SACRIFICE is perfect and suitable to each soul.

(Did I form the wordings clearly enough, you stubborn humanz?!)

Whatever! I have to learn NOT to blog with TONES that are TOO preachy or TOO revolutionary.

Once again, Mom has rebuked unto moi that my mouf (like a la Dashie) is too nasty. Huh.

Then she claims I’m the only one that seems to care (enough to hover around her.) True.

To Google and pals,

If y’all are gonna censor stuff, why not stop your own kinds from lying and deceiving? I’d like to see how y’all come outta the very mess y’all have created.


Flynn B-watching y’all with my eyeballs…

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