Tesla Model 3: Consumer Reports finds “big flaws” http://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/07/tesla-model-3-consumer-reports-finds.html

Bad! Anyway, I have to stop tailgating slow humanz and that’s because my reaction time and my brakes are getting on with age, meaning stuff slows down. Brouhaha!

So seven feet longer stop is not good. We need safer standards and Tesla isn’t doing it’s job to ensure we don’t crash and burn to death. Hmm.

That’s why Consumer Report and other safety testers help to alert us to avoid unsafe vehicles on the road for all. Huh.

5 thoughts on “20180702-1239-Stuff

  1. Hello Flynn,
    I wish that Consumer Reports could get the funding (through donations, acceptable ads, grants, merchandise, et cetera) so that their reports could be freely available and cover even more products because I think that it is important for us to have access to information like this.
    That is a valuable service that helps in a variety of ways.
    It is a shame how so many companies release products without proper testing et cetera.
    -John Jr

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