Dear diary,

We are still stuck here at the hospital with Thursday being week number three. Tomorrow Mom will have her SECOND pacemaker remove, a SECOND external pacemaker installing into her pain in the NECK, and undergo three months of IV antibiotics probably at an SNF where she gets her infusion and then we can take her out for attending noontime masses and stuff.

I think it’ll work out because she and Dad were dancing and I recorded their happy moments together with my iPad 9.7″ while my iPad 12.9″ was playing a YouTube video playlist of Filipino guitar music, which the supervisor nurse Rowena thought was a professional or volunteer or live human playing.

Yeah so my parents are taking their power nap after a nice dance together in the hospital room. I was singing loudly a few minutes ago to the lyrics of “Edelweiss”. Yeah, I know the lyrics somewhat well. That’s how smart I am. Yup! Do NOT doubt unto moi. Evil Kitty loves these kinds of classic songs.


Flynn B-singing loud and strong because she is a singer. Bah!

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