Hello boys and girls!

Tonight’s word is thick!

Let’s use it in the following scenario.

Court Jester: Hey, Angel! I have this empty bowl. See? It’s quite empty but VERY expensive. You’ve got to be an idiot NOT to know I have expensive tastes. And if y’all put six pounds in it, all your wishes will come true!

Blond Kitty: Hey, Bro! Are you that guy – Jack in the Beanstalk who got the goose that can lay some golden eggs? Because I wanna buy those eggs for ten pounds.

Bada-boom. Never mind. Evil Kitty does NOT know or understand how to crack jokes. No! Seriously. I didn’t find humor in those two YouTube videos. One, I don’t take their thick British accents too well. Two, I’m NOT a blond. Three, WTF has that kind of money, huh?

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