Dear diary,

I quit! I’m NOT gonna be this fake goodie caregiver! Nope! Y’all can fire me! You’re fired, Flynn! Out! Out! I’m outa the ball field! Way out! Done! Kaput! Finis!

Anyway, Mom’s gonna have three months of whatever and I’m NOT happy. The room is stuffy. The staff is loud. And Mom has spat out her dinner due to chocking.

She didn’t like me to force feed her. Das Squirrel called me earlier and he had thought that maybe she’s just playing or seriously NOT interested in eating.

I figured that’s a slow way to die since she does miss her deceased immediate family, who has visited her dreams. She’s the last one alive and so she’s sad.

I presume she has been refusing to eat, NOT due to medical conditions but from a broken heart. Since the death of the youngest sibling, Mom hasn’t been the same.

She has said angrily that my dad, Das Squirrel and I are her only family. BUT, we have a rebellious bloodline of means and nastiness. And that makes her sad.

Furthermore, she kept recapping how ungrateful these rebellious in-laws have behaved towards her over the years. She said they’ll get bad karma. It’s true.

Dad and I had to bug out, err, leave early before eight. Clarita, a church lady, called me twice, assumed that Mom was at a place where she knows all the nurses.

But then the second time, she was playing deaf. She was the second one that I’ve deflected with my mumblings from a tone deaf human. She played off that it was too late to visit Mom and that she will visit tomorrow. Whatever.

The first deflection occurred yesterday when Amy went straight to our home and misunderstood that we were still in the hospital. These elderly folks need fixings!

So I had learned to SLOW DOWN MY speech pattern and repeat the address locations many times! WTF? In the Bible, there was a passage mentioning how the blind leads the blind.

Well, I’ll add to the original blogger’s Biblical passage to include the DEAF (moi) leading the OLD FARTS (them)! OMG! This is insane! Did I sign up for this crap?

Yeah, so that’s how we spent our Happy Fourth. I don’t know how the professionals learn to be patient, compassionate, and understanding – because I possess NONE of those crappy traits!

Phooey! I told Dad to stay home because Mom’s private room is too freaking small and there’s only one chair. Seriously, the spouses are supposed to be there for each other.

But because Dad NEVER learned how to navigate the roads and does NOT travel far, I’m it! I’m it! That’s it! Das Squirrel sent me something about sacrifice.

Y’all know what? WTF is this sacrifice? Today was freaking hot! I was sweating beads under my boobies! And I stunk enough to take a shower after waking up from my nap prior to visiting Mom, who passed out from whatever, this evening.

I’m finished. Lawd Gawd, please, have mercy! I’m NOT cut out to be there for anyone. They want my helping hand and then eat all of my arm!


Evil Kitty – hiss…

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