Russia is hungry for the truth – God Bless all Russians http://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/07/russia-is-hungry-for-truth-god-bless.html

Once again and without fail, TPTB and pals have worked their magically delicious synching via the INFUSION COMPLETED alarm which I pressed the RUN/STOP button – the same time as in my timestamp blog/post title. It went off again at 1335 when the CNA turned it off, it’s going again at 1337.

Anyway, my favorite National Anthem happens to be the Russian, NOT the lyrics or political stuff, but for the progression of the movement to this piece.

It’s 1339 and the infusion went off. I have the photo but my mom’s name tag is showing on her personal belongings.

2 thoughts on “20180706-1333-Stuff

  1. 20180706-1532.
    Evil Kitty: Shut up, Flynn! You are being an idiot again and a traitor for preferring the enemy’s beautiful music over your Americanized “Jose Can Y’all Si” National Anthem. You will sustain my claw scratches! Sheets! Sheets! Two long gashes, good.
    Flynn: Seriously, I still love the Russian National Anthem and “they” were so gracious to play it during an Olympic game. I remembered and cried.

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