After eating Mom’s leftover biscuit-shaped bread with lots of Promise butter, I searched online and learned from wikipedia.org that Patreon is a platforms where creators get paid. So essentially, y’all get to create stuff and get paid for stuff that your followers happen to like. Or if y’all wanna share your strictly exclusive stuff, y’all have to ‘force’ your subscribers to pay up before they can read your created stuff; not stuff y’all happen to have borrowed or stolen; but stuff that keeps the followers interested – for a price, of course.

1 thought on “20180706-2234-Stuff

  1. I made a profile there, thinking it was only a profile thingy, instead it’s a raise money thingy. And I do not want to raise money for myself there. I made it to follow and support him.
    Oh well, my pic is there to throw darts at, or worse… Bahahaha!


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